Self-testing systemΒΆ

test-environment has a self-testing system that solves the following tasks:

  • Checking API health.

  • Checking the build on different platforms, analyzing warnings.

  • Providing examples of tests that use up-to-date API.


Self-testing system works only with Meson build.

The self-test system runs every night via jenkins-selftest and after every change in TE. If the commit caused a problem with the build or the test was broken you will get an email with the appropriate content.


Self-testing system lives in ${TE_BASE}/suites/selftest.


  • After each change, the self-test system must completed successfully.

  • If you change an existing API, it is very desirable to update the tests existing for it.

  • It is not required (but recommended) to add tests when adding new API or modifying existing API without tests.

  • There should be a mention of whether the tests are planned to be covered in reviewboard Testing Done section when adding new API.