struct tad_tmpl_iter_spec_t


Template iterator plain C structure More…

#include <tad_types.h>

struct tad_tmpl_iter_spec_t {
    // fields

    tad_tmpl_iter_type_t type;
    size_t length;
    int last_index;
    int* ints;
    struct tad_tmpl_iter_spec_t::@42::@44 int_seq;
    char** strings;
    struct tad_tmpl_iter_spec_t::@42::@45 str_seq;
    int begin;
    int end;
    int step;
    struct tad_tmpl_iter_spec_t::@42::@46 simple_for;

Detailed Documentation

Template iterator plain C structure


tad_tmpl_iter_type_t type

Iterator type

size_t length

Length of sequence

int last_index

Index of last value, -1 means none

int* ints

Array with sequence

unnamed-struct int_seq

Explicit integer sequence

char** strings

Array with sequence

unnamed-struct str_seq

Explicit string sequence

int begin

Begin of progression

int end

End of progression

int step

Step of progression

unnamed-struct simple_for

Arithmetical progression