struct te_log_msg_raw_data


Raw logging backend parameters More…

#include <te_log_fmt.h>

struct te_log_msg_raw_data {
    // fields

    struct te_log_msg_out common;
    uint8_t* buf;
    uint8_t* end;
    uint8_t* ptr;
    unsigned int args_max;
    te_log_arg_descr* args;
    unsigned int args_n;
    size_t args_len;
    te_bool trunc;

Detailed Documentation

Raw logging backend parameters


struct te_log_msg_out common

Parameters common for all backends. Must be the first field in the scructure.

uint8_t* buf

Buffer allocated for the message

uint8_t* end

End of the buffer buf

uint8_t* ptr

Current pointer in the buffer buf

unsigned int args_max

Maximum number of raw arguments

te_log_arg_descr* args

Array of raw argument

unsigned int args_n

Number of raw arguments

size_t args_len

Total length required in raw log to store raw arguments

te_bool trunc

Is log message truncated?