struct sendq_s


Send queue structure. More…

#include <send_queue.h>

struct sendq_s {
    // fields

    sendq_entry_t* head;
    sendq_entry_t* tail;
    int id;
    pthread_t send_thread;
    csap_p csap;
    pthread_mutex_t sendq_lock;
    int sendq_sync_sockets[2];
    int queue_size_max;
    int queue_size;
    int queue_bandwidth;
    struct timeval bandwidth_ts;

Detailed Documentation

Send queue structure. Packets from the tail of the queue should be sent first


sendq_entry_t* head

head of the queue

sendq_entry_t* tail

tail of the queue

int id

Unique send queue identifier

pthread_t send_thread

sending thread id

csap_p csap

csap used by this sendq to send data

pthread_mutex_t sendq_lock

mutex lock for the shared data

int sendq_sync_sockets[2]

pipe for sync of threads

int queue_size_max

queue max size

int queue_size

queue current size

int queue_bandwidth

sendq bandwidth

struct timeval bandwidth_ts

bandwidth timestamp