struct csap_layer_t


Collection of common protocol layer attributes of CSAP. More…

#include <tad_csap_inst.h>

struct csap_layer_t {
    // fields

    char* proto;
    te_tad_protocols_t proto_tag;
    void* specific_data;
    te_bool rw_use_tad_pkt_seg_tagging;
    asn_value* nds;
    asn_value* pdu;
    struct csap_spt_type_t* proto_support;

Detailed Documentation

Collection of common protocol layer attributes of CSAP.


char* proto

Protocol layer text label

te_tad_protocols_t proto_tag

Protocol layer int tag

void* specific_data

Protocol-specific data

te_bool rw_use_tad_pkt_seg_tagging

This layer has to make use of layer tag field in TAD packet segment control blocks during read-write opearation

asn_value* nds

ASN.1 value with CSAP specification layer PDU

asn_value* pdu

Current value of PDU on this layer to be sent. It might be useful to allow one layer to set/update PDU fields of another layer. (This field is used for traffic templates only)

struct csap_spt_type_t* proto_support

Protocol layer support descriptor