struct cfg_instance


Configurator object instance More…

#include <conf_db.h>

struct cfg_instance {
    // fields

    struct cfg_instance* father;
    struct cfg_instance* son;
    struct cfg_instance* brother;
    struct cfg_instance* bkp_next;
    union cfg_inst_val val;
    cfg_handle handle;
    char* oid;
    char name[CFG_INST_NAME_MAX];
    cfg_object* obj;
    bool added;
    bool remove;

Detailed Documentation

Configurator object instance


struct cfg_instance* father

Link to father

struct cfg_instance* son

Link to the first son

struct cfg_instance* brother

Link to the next brother

struct cfg_instance* bkp_next

Pointer to the next instance in a list of instances to be restored from backup

cfg_handle handle

Handle of the instance

char* oid

OID of the instance

char name[CFG_INST_NAME_MAX]

Own name of the instance

cfg_object* obj

Object of the instance

bool added

Whether this instance was added to the Test Agent or not (has sense only for read-create instances)

bool remove

Whether this instance should be removed from TA when committing changes