struct test_session


Test session More…

#include <tester_conf.h>

struct test_session {
    // fields

    const struct test_session* parent;
    char* name;
    test_attrs attrs;
    test_value_types types;
    test_vars_args vars;
    test_requirements reqs;
    run_item* exception;
    run_item* keepalive;
    run_item* prologue;
    run_item* epilogue;
    run_items run_items;
    te_bool simultaneous;
    unsigned int flags;

Detailed Documentation

Test session


const struct test_session* parent

Parent test session

char* name

Name or NULL

test_attrs attrs

Test attributes

test_value_types types

Types declared in session

test_vars_args vars

List of variables

test_requirements reqs

List of requirements

run_item* exception

Exception handler

run_item* keepalive

Keep-alive handler

run_item* prologue


run_item* epilogue


run_items run_items

List of run items

te_bool simultaneous

Run all items simultaneously

unsigned int flags