struct tester_cfg


Tester configuration file More…

#include <tester_conf.h>

struct tester_cfg {
    // fields

    const char* filename;
    persons_info maintainers;
    char* descr;
    test_suites_info suites;
    logic_expr* targets;
    test_options options;
    run_items runs;
    test_packages packages;
    test_package* cur_pkg;
    unsigned int total_iters;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

Tester configuration file


const char* filename

Name of the file with configuration

persons_info maintainers

Configuration maintainers

char* descr

Optional description

test_suites_info suites

Information about test suites

logic_expr* targets

Target requirements expression

test_options options

List of options

run_items runs

List of items to run

test_packages packages

List of mentioned packages

test_package* cur_pkg

Pointer to the package which is being parsed now

unsigned int total_iters

Total number of iterations in the test configuration



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