struct netconf_neigh


Neighbour table entry (ARP or NDISC cache) More…

#include <netconf.h>

struct netconf_neigh {
    // fields

    unsigned char family;
    int ifindex;
    uint16_t state;
    uint8_t flags;
    uint8_t* dst;
    unsigned int addrlen;
    uint8_t* lladdr;

Detailed Documentation

Neighbour table entry (ARP or NDISC cache)


unsigned char family

Address family of entry

int ifindex

Interface index

uint16_t state

State of neighbour entry

uint8_t flags

Neighbor entry flags (see netconf_neigh_flags)

uint8_t* dst

Protocol address of the neighbour

unsigned int addrlen

Length of harware address field

uint8_t* lladdr

Hardware address of the neighbour