struct trc_diff_entry


Element of the list with TRC diff results. More…

#include <trc_diff.h>

struct trc_diff_entry {
    // fields

    unsigned int level;
    te_bool is_iter;
    const trc_test* test;
    const trc_test_iter* iter;
    union trc_diff_entry::@108 ptr;
    const trc_exp_result* results[TRC_DIFF_IDS];
    unsigned int inherit[TRC_DIFF_IDS];
    tqh_strings keys[TRC_DIFF_IDS];

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

Element of the list with TRC diff results.


unsigned int level

Level of the entry in the tree

te_bool is_iter

Is a test or an iteration?

const trc_test* test

Test entry data

const trc_test_iter* iter

Test iteration data

unnamed-union ptr

Pointer to test or iteration data

const trc_exp_result* results[TRC_DIFF_IDS]

Expected result for each diff ID

unsigned int inherit[TRC_DIFF_IDS]

Expected result inheritance flags

tqh_strings keys[TRC_DIFF_IDS]

Lists of keys per set which explain the differences



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