struct trc_update_rule


TRC updating rule More…

#include <trc_update.h>

struct trc_update_rule {
    // fields

    trc_exp_result* def_res;
    trc_exp_results* old_res;
    trc_exp_result_entry* old_re;
    char* old_v;
    trc_exp_results* confl_res;
    trc_exp_results* new_res;
    trc_exp_result_entry* new_re;
    char* new_v;
    trc_update_wilds_list* wilds;
    tqh_strings* match_exprs;
    bool apply;
    int rule_id;
    trc_update_rtype type;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

TRC updating rule


trc_exp_result* def_res

Default results

trc_exp_results* old_res

Results in TRC

trc_exp_result_entry* old_re

Content of a <result> tag in TRC

char* old_v

Content of a <verdict> tag in TRC

trc_exp_results* confl_res

Not-matching TRC results from logs

trc_exp_results* new_res

Results to replace results in TRC

trc_exp_result_entry* new_re

Replacement for content of a <result> tag in TRC

char* new_v

Replacement for content of a <verdict> tag in TRC

trc_update_wilds_list* wilds


tqh_strings* match_exprs

Matching expressions

bool apply

Should this rule be applied or not

int rule_id

Rule ID

trc_update_rtype type

Rule type



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