struct tad_recv_context


TAD Receiver context data. More…

#include <tad_recv.h>

struct tad_recv_context {
    // fields

    tad_reply_context reply_ctx;
    tad_recv_pattern_data ptrn_data;
    tad_recv_pkts packets;
    te_errno status;
    unsigned int wait_pkts;
    unsigned int match_pkts;
    unsigned int got_pkts;
    unsigned int no_match_pkts;

Detailed Documentation

TAD Receiver context data.


tad_reply_context reply_ctx

Reply context

tad_recv_pattern_data ptrn_data

Pattern data

tad_recv_pkts packets

Received packets

unsigned int wait_pkts

Number of matched packets to wait

unsigned int match_pkts

Number of matched packets

unsigned int got_pkts

Number of matched packets got via traffic receive get operation

unsigned int no_match_pkts

Number of unmatched packets