struct tarpc_msghdr


struct tarpc_msghdr {
    // fields

    struct tarpc_sa msg_name;
    int64_t msg_namelen;
    struct tarpc_iovec msg_iov<>;
    tarpc_size_t msg_iovlen;
    struct tarpc_cmsghdr msg_control<>;
    int64_t msg_controllen;
    uint8_t msg_control_tail;
    tarpc_int msg_flags;
    tarpc_int in_msg_flags;

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struct tarpc_sa msg_name

Destination/source address

int64_t msg_namelen

To be passed to recvmsg/sendmsg; in case of negative value will be determined from msg_name

struct tarpc_iovec msg_iov<>


tarpc_size_t msg_iovlen

Passed to recvmsg()

struct tarpc_cmsghdr msg_control<>

Control info array

int64_t msg_controllen

msg_controllen actually used/retrieved on TA. If negative value is passed by RPC caller, it is ignored; msg_controllen used on TA is computed from control messages lengths in that case.

uint8_t msg_control_tail

Not parsed, will be appended to msg_control after control messages

tarpc_int msg_flags

Flags on received message

tarpc_int in_msg_flags

Original msg_flags value