struct rcf_pch_cfg_object


Configuration tree node More…

#include <rcf_ch_api.h>

struct rcf_pch_cfg_object {
    // fields

    struct rcf_pch_cfg_object* son;
    struct rcf_pch_cfg_object* brother;
    rcf_ch_cfg_get get;
    rcf_ch_cfg_set set;
    rcf_ch_cfg_add add;
    rcf_ch_cfg_del del;
    rcf_ch_cfg_list list;
    rcf_ch_cfg_commit commit;
    struct rcf_pch_cfg_object* commit_parent;
    const rcf_pch_cfg_substitution* subst;
    char sub_id[RCF_MAX_NAME];
    unsigned int oid_len;

Detailed Documentation

Configuration tree node


struct rcf_pch_cfg_object* son

First in the list of children

struct rcf_pch_cfg_object* brother

Next in the list of brothers

rcf_ch_cfg_get get

Get accessor

rcf_ch_cfg_set set

Set accessor

rcf_ch_cfg_add add

Add method

rcf_ch_cfg_del del

Delete method

rcf_ch_cfg_list list

List method

rcf_ch_cfg_commit commit

Function to commit changes or NULL

struct rcf_pch_cfg_object* commit_parent

Parent which supports commit operation

const rcf_pch_cfg_substitution* subst

Pointer to a linear array of substitutions

char sub_id[RCF_MAX_NAME]

Object sub-identifier

unsigned int oid_len

Length of the object identifier