struct tapi_env_if


Host/interface entry in environment More…

#include <tapi_env.h>

struct tapi_env_if {
    // fields

    char* name;
    tapi_env_net* net;
    tapi_env_host* host;
    unsigned int i_node;
    enum net_node_rsrc_type rsrc_type;
    struct if_nameindex if_info;
    struct if_nameindex br_info;
    struct if_nameindex ph_info;
    te_bool ip4_unicast_used;
    te_bool ip6_unicast_used;
    tapi_sniffer_id* sniffer_id;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

Host/interface entry in environment


char* name

Name of the interface in configuration string

tapi_env_net* net

Net the interface belongs to

tapi_env_host* host

Host the interface is belongs to

unsigned int i_node

Index of the associated node

enum net_node_rsrc_type rsrc_type

Type of the associated network node resource

struct if_nameindex if_info

Interface info

struct if_nameindex br_info

XEN bridge info

struct if_nameindex ph_info

XEN physical interface info

te_bool ip4_unicast_used

Is IPv4 address assigned to the host in this net used?

te_bool ip6_unicast_used

Is IPv6 address assigned to the host in this net used?

tapi_sniffer_id* sniffer_id

ID of the sniffer created by request via TE_ENV_SNIFF_ON