struct netconf_route


Routing table entry More…

#include <netconf.h>

struct netconf_route {
    // fields

    unsigned char family;
    unsigned char dstlen;
    unsigned char srclen;
    unsigned char tos;
    netconf_route_table table;
    netconf_route_prot protocol;
    netconf_route_scope scope;
    netconf_route_type type;
    unsigned int flags;
    int oifindex;
    uint8_t* dst;
    uint8_t* src;
    uint8_t* gateway;
    int metric;
    uint32_t mtu;
    uint32_t win;
    uint32_t irtt;
    uint32_t hoplimit;
    int32_t expires;
    netconf_route_nexthops hops;

Detailed Documentation

Routing table entry


unsigned char family

Address family of route

unsigned char dstlen

Prefix length of destination

unsigned char srclen

Prefix length of preferred source

unsigned char tos

Type Of Service key

netconf_route_table table

Routing table id

netconf_route_prot protocol

Protocol of this route

netconf_route_scope scope

Route scope

netconf_route_type type

Type of route entry

unsigned int flags

Route flags

int oifindex

Output device index

uint8_t* dst

Destination of the route

uint8_t* src

Preferred source

uint8_t* gateway

Gateway address

int metric

Route priority

uint32_t mtu

Route MTU

uint32_t win

Route window size

uint32_t irtt

Route transfer time

uint32_t hoplimit

Route hoplimit (influences both IPv4 TTL and IPv6 Hop Limit header fields)

int32_t expires

Route expiration time

netconf_route_nexthops hops

Nexthops of a multipath route.