struct tad_data_unit_t


Handler of message field data unit More…

#include <tad_types.h>

struct tad_data_unit_t {
    // fields

    tad_du_type_t du_type;
    int32_t val_i32;
    int64_t val_i64;
    tad_du_data_t val_data;
    tad_int_expr_t* val_int_expr;

Detailed Documentation

Handler of message field data unit


tad_du_type_t du_type

Type of data unit

int32_t val_i32

32-bit integer

int64_t val_i64

64-bit integer

tad_du_data_t val_data

character or octet string

tad_int_expr_t* val_int_expr

arithmetic expression