struct rgt_gen_ctx


Structure that keeps generic data used in processing raw log file. More…

#include <rgt_common.h>

struct rgt_gen_ctx {
    // fields

    char* rawlog_fname;
    FILE* rawlog_fd;
    off_t rawlog_size;
    off_t rawlog_fpos;
    char* out_fname;
    FILE* out_fd;
    const char* fltr_fname;
    char* tmp_dir;
    rgt_op_mode_t op_mode;
    const char* op_mode_str;
    rgt_io_mode_t io_mode;
    f_fetch_log_msg fetch_log_msg;
    bool proc_cntrl_msg;
    bool mi_meta;
    bool proc_incomplete;
    bool verb;
    int current_nest_lvl;
    char* xml_fname;
    bool expand_entities;
    uint32_t depth;
    GArray* depth_info;
    rgt_state_t state;
    rgt_mem_ctx_t mem_ctx;
    void* user_data;

Detailed Documentation

Structure that keeps generic data used in processing raw log file.

Structure that keeps basic data used in processing XML file.


char* rawlog_fname

Raw log file name

FILE* rawlog_fd

Raw log file pointer

off_t rawlog_size

Size of Raw log file, has sense only in postponed mode

off_t rawlog_fpos

Position in raw log file on reading the current message

char* out_fname

Output file name

FILE* out_fd

Output file pointer

const char* fltr_fname

XML filter file name

char* tmp_dir

Temporary directory used for offloading of message pointers into files

rgt_op_mode_t op_mode

Rgt operation mode

const char* op_mode_str

Rgt operation mode in string representation

rgt_io_mode_t io_mode

Operation mode (live or postponed) influences on desirable read behaviour that can be blocking or nonblocking. This field keeps current rgt reading mode.

f_fetch_log_msg fetch_log_msg

Pointer to a function that should be used for extracting of log messages from a raw log file. This field is set to an appropriate function according to RLF version determined from the first byte of the RLF.

bool proc_cntrl_msg

Whether Rgt should process control messages or not

bool mi_meta

Include MI artifacts in <meta> section

bool proc_incomplete

Whether Rgt should process incomplete log reports as normal or give error message

bool verb

Whether to use verbose output or not

int current_nest_lvl

Current nesting level

char* xml_fname

XML file name

bool expand_entities

Whether to expand standard XML entities like < and > or not?

uint32_t depth

The current processing depth in the node tree

GArray* depth_info

Array of information about the particular depth

rgt_state_t state

Current processing state

rgt_mem_ctx_t mem_ctx

Memory element processing context. Make sense only in STATE_MEM_…

void* user_data

User-specific data pointer