struct tad_action_spec


Action specification. More…

#include <tad_recv.h>

struct tad_action_spec {
    // fields

    asn_tag_value type;
    struct tad_action_spec::@27::@29 report;
    struct tad_action_spec::@27::@30 do_break;
    struct tad_action_spec::@27::@31 echo;
    tad_processing_pkt_method func;
    char* opaque;
    struct tad_action_spec::@27::@32 function;
    unsigned int csap_id;
    struct tad_action_spec::@27::@33 fwd_pld;

Detailed Documentation

Action specification.


asn_tag_value type

Type of the action

unnamed-struct report

Parameters of the report action

unnamed-struct do_break

Parameters of the break action

unnamed-struct echo

Parameters of the echo method

tad_processing_pkt_method func

Function to call

char* opaque

Opaque parameter

unnamed-struct function

Parameters of the packet processing method

unsigned int csap_id

Target CSAP ID

unnamed-struct fwd_pld

Parameters of the Forward-Payload action