struct tester_global


Tester global context More…

#include <tester.h>

struct tester_global {
    // fields

    unsigned int rand_seed;
    tester_flags flags;
    tester_cfgs cfgs;
    test_suites_info suites;
    test_paths paths;
    logic_expr* targets;
    te_trc_db* trc_db;
    tqh_strings trc_tags;
    testing_scenario scenario;
    test_requirements reqs;
    char* verdict;
    cmd_monitor_descrs cmd_monitors;

Detailed Documentation

Tester global context


unsigned int rand_seed

Random seed

tester_flags flags

Flags (see tester_flags.h)

tester_cfgs cfgs

Configuration files

test_suites_info suites

Information about test suites

test_paths paths

Paths specified by caller

logic_expr* targets

Target requirements expression

te_trc_db* trc_db

TRC database handle

tqh_strings trc_tags

TRC tags

testing_scenario scenario

Testing scenario

test_requirements reqs

List of requirements known by the tester

char* verdict

Verdict to stop tester run on

cmd_monitor_descrs cmd_monitors

Command monitors specifier via command line