struct te_conf_ip_rule


Context of ip rule More…

#include <conf_ip_rule.h>

struct te_conf_ip_rule {
    // fields

    uint8_t family;
    te_ip_type type;
    te_bool invert;
    uint8_t srclen;
    uint8_t dstlen;
    struct sockaddr_storage src;
    struct sockaddr_storage dst;
    char iifname[IFNAMSIZ];
    char oifname[IFNAMSIZ];
    uint32_t goto_index;
    uint8_t tos;
    uint32_t fwmark;
    uint32_t fwmask;
    uint32_t priority;
    te_ip_table_id table;
    uint32_t flow;
    uint32_t mask;

Detailed Documentation

Context of ip rule


uint8_t family

Address family of rule

te_ip_type type

Type of rule entry

te_bool invert

Inversion flag (works as ip rule not … ).

uint8_t srclen

Prefix length of source

uint8_t dstlen

Prefix length of destination

struct sockaddr_storage src

Source address

struct sockaddr_storage dst

Destination address

char iifname[IFNAMSIZ]

Incoming device

char oifname[IFNAMSIZ]

Outgoing device

uint32_t goto_index

Index of rule for jumping

uint8_t tos

Type Of Service key

uint32_t fwmark

fwmark value

uint32_t fwmask

fwmask value

uint32_t priority

Rule priority

te_ip_table_id table

Routing table id

uint32_t flow

Realms FROM/TO

uint32_t mask

Mask of set fields for searching or deleting