struct tarpc_recvfrom_in


struct tarpc_recvfrom_in {
    // fields

    struct tarpc_in_arg common;
    tarpc_int fd;
    uint8_t buf;
    tarpc_size_t len;
    tarpc_int flags;
    struct tarpc_sa from;
    tarpc_socklen_t fromlen;
    tarpc_bool chk_func;

Detailed Documentation


tarpc_int fd

TA-local socket

uint8_t buf

Buffer for received data

tarpc_size_t len

Maximum length of expected data

tarpc_int flags

TA-independent flags

struct tarpc_sa from

Address to be passed as location for data source address

tarpc_socklen_t fromlen

Maximum expected length of the address

tarpc_bool chk_func

If TRUE, call __recvfrom_chk()