struct ta


Structure for one Test Agent More…

#include <rcf.h>

struct ta {
    // fields

    struct ta* next;
    rcf_talib_handle handle;
    char* name;
    char* type;
    te_bool enable_synch_time;
    te_kvpair_h conf;
    usrreq sent;
    usrreq waiting;
    usrreq pending;
    unsigned int flags;
    time_t reboot_timestamp;
    int sid;
    te_bool conn_locked;
    int lock_sid;
    void* dlhandle;
    ta_initial_task* initial_tasks;
    char* cold_reboot_ta;
    const char* cold_reboot_param;
    int cold_reboot_timeout;
    te_bool dynamic;
    struct rcf_talib_methods m;
    ta_reboot_context reboot_ctx;

Detailed Documentation

Structure for one Test Agent


struct ta* next

Link to the next TA

rcf_talib_handle handle

Test Agent handle returned by start() method

char* name

Test Agent name

char* type

Test Agent type

te_bool enable_synch_time

Enable synchronize time

te_kvpair_h conf

Configurations list of kv_pairs

usrreq sent

User requests sent to the TA

usrreq waiting

User requests waiting for unblocking of TA connection

usrreq pending

User requests pending until answer on previous request with the same SID is received

unsigned int flags

Test Agent flags

time_t reboot_timestamp

Time of reboot command sending (in seconds)

int sid

Free session identifier (starts from 2)

te_bool conn_locked

Connection is locked until the response from TA is received

int lock_sid

SID of the command locked the connection

void* dlhandle

Dynamic library handle

ta_initial_task* initial_tasks

Startup tasks

char* cold_reboot_ta

Cold reboot TA name

const char* cold_reboot_param

Cold reboot params

int cold_reboot_timeout

Waiting time for a cold reboot

te_bool dynamic

Dynamic creation flag

struct rcf_talib_methods m

TA-specific Methods

ta_reboot_context reboot_ctx

Reboot context