struct rpc_call_data


RPC call activation details More…

#include <rpc_server.h>

struct rpc_call_data {
    // fields

    const rpc_func_info* info;
    api_func func;
    void* in;
    void* out;
    checked_arg_list checked_args;
    te_bool done;
    struct timeval call_start;
    int saved_errno;

Detailed Documentation

RPC call activation details


const rpc_func_info* info

RPC routine description

api_func func

Actual function to call

void* in

Input data

void* out

Output data

checked_arg_list checked_args

List of checked arguments

te_bool done

Completion status Only used for async calls

struct timeval call_start

Timestamp when the actual code is called (used by MAKE_CALL())

int saved_errno

Saved errno (used by MAKE_CALL())