struct ndn_arp_header_plain


Structure that represents ARP header (see RFC 826) More…

#include <ndn_arp.h>

struct ndn_arp_header_plain {
    // fields

    uint16_t hw_type;
    uint16_t proto_type;
    uint8_t hw_size;
    uint8_t proto_size;
    uint16_t opcode;
    uint8_t snd_hw_addr[NDN_ARP_HW_SIZE_MAX];
    uint8_t snd_proto_addr[NDN_ARP_PROTO_SIZE_MAX];
    uint8_t tgt_hw_addr[NDN_ARP_HW_SIZE_MAX];
    uint8_t tgt_proto_addr[NDN_ARP_PROTO_SIZE_MAX];

Detailed Documentation

Structure that represents ARP header (see RFC 826)


uint16_t hw_type

Hardware type filed

uint16_t proto_type

Protocol type filed

uint8_t hw_size

Size of hardware address

uint8_t proto_size

Size of protocol address

uint16_t opcode

Operation type

uint8_t snd_hw_addr[NDN_ARP_HW_SIZE_MAX]

Sender hardware address

uint8_t snd_proto_addr[NDN_ARP_PROTO_SIZE_MAX]

Sender protocol address

uint8_t tgt_hw_addr[NDN_ARP_HW_SIZE_MAX]

Target hardware address

uint8_t tgt_proto_addr[NDN_ARP_PROTO_SIZE_MAX]

Target protocol address