struct tarpc_transmitfile_tabufs_in


struct tarpc_transmitfile_tabufs_in {
    // fields

    struct tarpc_in_arg common;
    tarpc_int s;
    tarpc_int file;
    tarpc_size_t len;
    tarpc_size_t bytes_per_send;
    tarpc_overlapped overlapped;
    tarpc_ptr head;
    tarpc_ssize_t head_len;
    tarpc_ptr tail;
    tarpc_ssize_t tail_len;
    tarpc_size_t flags;

Detailed Documentation


tarpc_int s

TA-local socket

tarpc_int file

Handle to the open file to be transmitted

tarpc_size_t len

Number of file bytes to transmit

tarpc_size_t bytes_per_send

Number of bytes of each block of data sent in each send operarion

tarpc_overlapped overlapped


tarpc_ptr head

Buffer to be transmitted before the file data is transmitted

tarpc_ptr tail

Buffer to be transmitted after the file data is transmitted

tarpc_size_t flags

Parameter of TransmitFile()