struct tad_pkt_seg


TAD packet segment control block. More…

#include <tad_pkt.h>

struct tad_pkt_seg {
    // fields

    void* data_ptr;
    size_t data_len;
    tad_pkt_seg_free data_free;
    tad_pkt_ctrl_free my_free;
    bool layer_tag_set;
    te_tad_protocols_t layer_tag;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

TAD packet segment control block.

Circular queue is used to have possibility to insert element in head and tail and to traverse segments in both directions.


void* data_ptr

Data pointer

size_t data_len

Data length

tad_pkt_seg_free data_free

Data free function

tad_pkt_ctrl_free my_free

Function to free this control block

bool layer_tag_set

Custom layer tag is set below

te_tad_protocols_t layer_tag

TE protocol ID of the layer from which the segment originates



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