struct netconf_node


Information node of the list More…

#include <netconf.h>

struct netconf_node {
    // fields

    netconf_node_type type;
    netconf_link link;
    netconf_net_addr net_addr;
    netconf_route route;
    netconf_neigh neigh;
    netconf_rule rule;
    netconf_macvlan macvlan;
    netconf_ipvlan ipvlan;
    netconf_vlan vlan;
    netconf_veth veth;
    netconf_geneve geneve;
    netconf_vxlan vxlan;
    netconf_bridge bridge;
    netconf_bridge_port bridge_port;
    netconf_devlink_info devlink_info;
    netconf_devlink_param devlink_param;
    union netconf_node::@20 data;
    struct netconf_node* next;
    struct netconf_node* prev;

Detailed Documentation

Information node of the list


netconf_node_type type

Type of node

unnamed-union data

Network data

struct netconf_node* next

Next node of the list

struct netconf_node* prev

Previous node of the list