struct te_rgt_mi


Parsed MI message More…

#include <mi_msg.h>

struct te_rgt_mi {
    // fields

    te_rgt_mi_type type;
    te_errno rc;
    bool parse_failed;
    char parse_err[TE_RGT_MI_MAX_ERR_LEN];
    void* json_obj;
    te_rgt_mi_meas measurement;
    te_rgt_mi_test_start test_start;
    te_rgt_mi_test_end test_end;
    te_rgt_mi_trc_tags trc_tags;
    union te_rgt_mi::@108 data;

Detailed Documentation

Parsed MI message


te_rgt_mi_type type

MI message type

te_errno rc

Error occurred when parsing and filling the structure. TE_EOPNOTSUPP means there is no libjansson.

bool parse_failed

Will be set to true if it could not parse JSON

char parse_err[TE_RGT_MI_MAX_ERR_LEN]

Error message from JSON parser

void* json_obj

Pointer to parsed JSON object

te_rgt_mi_meas measurement

Data for measurement MI message

te_rgt_mi_test_start test_start

Data for test_start MI message

te_rgt_mi_test_end test_end

Data for test_end MI message

te_rgt_mi_trc_tags trc_tags

Data for trc_tags MI message

unnamed-union data

Data obtained from JSON object