struct tarpc_wsa_recv_from_in


struct tarpc_wsa_recv_from_in {
    // fields

    struct tarpc_in_arg common;
    tarpc_int s;
    struct tarpc_iovec vector<>;
    tarpc_size_t count;
    tarpc_ssize_t bytes_received;
    tarpc_int flags;
    struct tarpc_sa from;
    tarpc_int fromlen;
    tarpc_overlapped overlapped;
    string callback;

Detailed Documentation


tarpc_int s

TA-local socket

struct tarpc_iovec vector<>


tarpc_size_t count

Number of buffers

tarpc_ssize_t bytes_received

Location for received bytes num

tarpc_int flags


struct tarpc_sa from

Address to be passed as location for data source address

tarpc_int fromlen

Maximum expected length of the address

tarpc_overlapped overlapped

WSAOVERLAPPED structure pointer

string callback

Callback name