struct nginx_http_server

Detailed Documentation

HTTP server settings


char* name

Friendly name

char* hostname

Server hostname pattern

char* ssl_name

SSL settings object instance name

te_bool access_log_enable

Enable access logging

char* access_log_path

Path to access log file on TA

char* mime_type_default

Default MIME type

unsigned int keepalive_timeout

Timeout in seconds for keep-alive client connection

unsigned int keepalive_requests

Maximum number of requests for one keep-alive connection

unsigned int send_timeout

Timeout for transmitting a response

te_bool sendfile

Whether sendfile() should be used

te_bool tcp_nopush

Whether TCP_NOPUSH socket option should be used

te_bool tcp_nodelay

Whether TCP_NODELAY socket option should be used

te_bool reset_timedout_conn

Whether timed out connections should be reset

nginx_server_tokens_mode tokens_mode

Server presentation mode

nginx_http_client client

Client handling settings

nginx_http_proxy proxy

Proxy settings

nginx_http_file_cache file_cache

File cache settings



Linked list of servers


HTTP locations


Listening entries