struct lgr_mess_header


struct lgr_mess_header {
    // fields

    bool user_in_first_arg;
    uint32_t elements;
    uint32_t sequence;
    uint32_t mark;
    te_log_ts_sec sec;
    te_log_ts_usec usec;
    te_log_level level;
    const char* user;
    const char* fmt;
    unsigned int n_args;
    ta_log_arg args[TA_LOG_ARGS_MAX];

Detailed Documentation


bool user_in_first_arg

User_name is in the first string argument

uint32_t elements

Number of consequent ring buffer elements in message

uint32_t sequence

Sequence number for this message

uint32_t mark

Flag: message is marked as processed at this time

te_log_ts_sec sec

Seconds of the timestamp

te_log_ts_usec usec

Microseconds of the timestamp

te_log_level level

Log level mask to be passed in raw log

const char* user

User_name string location (if user_in_first_arg is false)

const char* fmt

Format string location

unsigned int n_args

Number of arguments

ta_log_arg args[TA_LOG_ARGS_MAX]