struct te_unit_list


Customizable unit type More…

#include <te_units.h>

struct te_unit_list {
    // fields

    unsigned int scale;
    const double* non_uniform_scale;
    int start_pow;
    const char*const* units;

Detailed Documentation

Customizable unit type


unsigned int scale

Relative scaling factor of each unit.

If non_uniform_scale is not NULL, the scale must not be greater than 1 (basically, it is not used in this case)

const double* non_uniform_scale

A set of non-uniform scale factors.

Unlike scale, those are absolute factors applied to a base value

If the field is not NULL, the array must contain at least as many elements as units.

int start_pow

The initial power of scale which the first unit in the list corresponds to. If the value is negative, first -start_pow units denote fractions of the base unit.

The value should be 0 if non_uniform_scale is provided.

const char*const* units

NULL-terminated list of unit names