struct tarpc_accept_ex_in


struct tarpc_accept_ex_in {
    // fields

    struct tarpc_in_arg common;
    tarpc_int fd;
    tarpc_int fd_a;
    tarpc_ptr out_buf;
    tarpc_size_t buflen;
    tarpc_size_t laddr_len;
    tarpc_size_t raddr_len;
    tarpc_size_t count;
    tarpc_overlapped overlapped;

Detailed Documentation


tarpc_int fd

TA-local socket

tarpc_int fd_a

TA-local socket to wich the connection will be actually made

tarpc_ptr out_buf

Pointer to a buffer that receives the first block of data, the local address, and the remote address.

tarpc_size_t buflen

Length of the buffer passed to the AcceptEx()

tarpc_size_t laddr_len

Number of bytes reserved for the local address information

tarpc_size_t raddr_len

Number of bytes reserved for the remote address information

tarpc_size_t count

Location for count of received bytes

tarpc_overlapped overlapped