struct cfg_set_msg


CFG_SET message content More…

#include <conf_messages.h>

struct cfg_set_msg {
    // fields

    CFG_MSG_FIELDS cfg_handle handle;
    te_bool local;
    cfg_val_type val_type;
    struct sockaddr val_addr[0];
    char val_str[0];
    te_bool val_bool;
    int8_t val_int8;
    uint8_t val_uint8;
    int16_t val_int16;
    uint16_t val_uint16;
    int32_t val_int32;
    uint32_t val_uint32;
    int64_t val_int64;
    uint64_t val_uint64;
    union cfg_set_msg::@9 val;

Detailed Documentation

CFG_SET message content


CFG_MSG_FIELDS cfg_handle handle

Object instance handle

te_bool local

Local set

cfg_val_type val_type

Object value type

struct sockaddr val_addr[0]

start of sockaddr value

char val_str[0]

start of string value

te_bool val_bool

te_bool value

int8_t val_int8

int8_t value

uint8_t val_uint8

uint8_t value

int16_t val_int16

int16_t value

uint16_t val_uint16

uint16_t value

int32_t val_int32

int32_t value

uint32_t val_uint32

uint32_t value

int64_t val_int64

int64_t value

uint64_t val_uint64

uint64_t value