struct run_item


Unified run item More…

#include <tester_conf.h>

struct run_item {
    // fields

    const test_session* context;
    int plan_id;
    char* name;
    char* objective;
    char* page;
    tester_handdown handdown;
    run_item_type type;
    test_script script;
    test_session session;
    test_package* package;
    union run_item::@3 u;
    test_vars_args args;
    test_var_arg_lists lists;
    unsigned int iterate;
    unsigned int loglevel;
    unsigned int n_args;
    unsigned int n_iters;
    unsigned int weight;
    cmd_monitor_descrs cmd_monitors;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

Unified run item


const test_session* context

Parent session

int plan_id

Plan ID

char* name

Name or NULL

char* objective

Objective, if NULL - taken from script

char* page

Page, if NULL - taken from script

tester_handdown handdown

Type of executable inheritance

run_item_type type

Type of the run item

test_script script

Test script

test_session session

Test session

test_package* package

Test package

unnamed-union u

Type specific data

test_vars_args args


test_var_arg_lists lists

“Lists” of variables/arguments

unsigned int iterate

Number of iterations

unsigned int loglevel

Log level to be used by the item

unsigned int n_args

Total Number of arguments including inherited

unsigned int n_iters

Number of iterations

unsigned int weight

Number of children iterations in single iteration

cmd_monitor_descrs cmd_monitors

Command monitors descriptions



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