struct tapi_test_expected_result


The description of an expected result. More…

#include <tapi_test.h>

struct tapi_test_expected_result {
    // fields

    te_module error_module;
    te_errno error_code;
    const char* output;

Detailed Documentation

The description of an expected result.

The structure should be considered opaque and only handled by dedicated functions such as test_get_expected_result_param(), TEST_EXPECTED_RESULT_PARAM(), TEST_GET_EXPECTED_RESULT_PARAM(), tapi_test_check_expected_result(), tapi_test_check_expected_int_result().

The values of this type may be freely copied, they do not contain any dynamically-allocated resources.


te_module error_module

The expected module code.

TE_MIN_MODULE means any module.

te_errno error_code

The expected error code (without a module).

const char* output

The expected output string.