struct trc_test_iter


Test iteration More…

#include <trc_db.h>

struct trc_test_iter {
    // fields

    xmlNodePtr node;
    struct trc_test* parent;
    trc_test_iter_args args;
    char* notes;
    const trc_exp_result* exp_default;
    trc_exp_results exp_results;
    trc_tests tests;
    trc_users_data users;
    char* filename;
    int file_pos;
    te_bool log_found;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

Test iteration


xmlNodePtr node

XML node with this element

struct trc_test* parent

Back reference

trc_test_iter_args args

Iteration arguments

char* notes

Common notes

const trc_exp_result* exp_default

Default result

trc_exp_results exp_results

The expected results

trc_tests tests

Children tests of the session

trc_users_data users

Users data

char* filename

File in which this iteration is described in TRC

int file_pos

Number of the iteration in the list of all its siblings belonging to the same file

te_bool log_found

Whether this iteration was found in log by TRC Update Tool or not



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