struct rcf_talib_methods


Structure to keep RCF TA methods. More…

#include <rcf_methods.h>

struct rcf_talib_methods {
    // fields

    rcf_talib_start start;
    rcf_talib_close close;
    rcf_talib_finish finish;
    rcf_talib_connect connect;
    rcf_talib_transmit transmit;
    rcf_talib_is_ready is_ready;
    rcf_talib_receive receive;

Detailed Documentation

Structure to keep RCF TA methods. A library that implements RCF TA communication type shall export this data structure via RCF_TALIB_METHODS_DEFINE() macro.


rcf_talib_start start

Start TA

rcf_talib_close close

Close TA

rcf_talib_finish finish

Stop TA

rcf_talib_connect connect

Connect to TA

rcf_talib_transmit transmit

Transmit to TA

rcf_talib_is_ready is_ready

Is data from TA pending

rcf_talib_receive receive

Receive from TA