Test Agents: Windows Test Agent


The implementation of Test Agent for Windows relies on Cygwin framework. Currently the functionality of this type of Agent is limited to:

  • RPC Server functionality (POSIX socket API and Winsock API);

  • Network services configuration tree (configuration of IP interfaces and IP routes);

  • Process/thread creation feature;

  • Reboot support.

Source organization

The sources of Windows Test Agent located under agents/win32 directory of TE tree:

  • agents/win32/tarpc_server.c - implementation of RPC Server calls;

  • agents/win32/win32.c - implementation of entry point of Test Agent as well as functions of RCF PCH interface;

  • agents/win32/win32conf.c - implementation of configuration nodes for Windows Test Agent.

Supported configuration tree

Windows Test Agent supports minimized version of basic configuration doc/cm/cm_base.xml:

Configuration subtree supported by Windows Test Agent