struct tarpc_multiple_iomux_wait_in


struct tarpc_multiple_iomux_wait_in {
    // fields

    struct tarpc_in_arg common;
    tarpc_int fd;
    iomux_func iomux;
    tarpc_iomux_state iomux_st;
    tarpc_int events;
    tarpc_int count;
    tarpc_int duration;
    tarpc_int exp_rc;

Detailed Documentation


tarpc_int fd

On which fd to call iomux

iomux_func iomux

Which iomux to call

tarpc_iomux_state iomux_st

The multiplexer context

tarpc_int events

With which events iomux should be called

tarpc_int count

How many times to call iomux

tarpc_int duration

Call iomux during a specified time

tarpc_int exp_rc

Expected iomux return value