struct ndn_stp_cfg_bpdu_t


Structure represents Configuration BPDU More…

#include <ndn_bridge.h>

struct ndn_stp_cfg_bpdu_t {
    // fields

    uint8_t flags;
    uint8_t root_id[8];
    uint32_t root_path_cost;
    uint8_t bridge_id[8];
    uint16_t port_id;
    uint16_t msg_age;
    uint16_t max_age;
    uint16_t hello_time;
    uint16_t fwd_delay;

Detailed Documentation

Structure represents Configuration BPDU


uint8_t flags

Value of the Flags field

uint8_t root_id[8]

Value of the Root Identifier field

uint32_t root_path_cost

Value of the Root Path Cost field

uint8_t bridge_id[8]

Value of the Bridge Identifier field

uint16_t port_id

Value of the Port Identifier field

uint16_t msg_age

Value of the Message Age field

uint16_t max_age

Value of the Max Age field

uint16_t hello_time

Value of the Hello Time field

uint16_t fwd_delay

Value of the Forward Delay field