struct trc_update_test_iter_data


TRC Update test iteration data attached to iteration in TRC DB More…

#include <trc_update.h>

struct trc_update_test_iter_data {
    // fields

    trc_exp_results new_results;
    trc_exp_results df_results;
    trc_update_rule* rule;
    int rule_id;
    bool to_save;
    bool to_save_old;
    int counter;
    int results_id;
    bool in_wildcard;
    bool filtered;
    res_simpl_stat r_simple;
    trc_update_args_groups all_wilds;
    trc_report_argument* args;
    unsigned int args_n;
    unsigned int args_max;
    int* set_nums;
    int nums_cnt;
    int nums_max;

Detailed Documentation

TRC Update test iteration data attached to iteration in TRC DB


trc_exp_results new_results

Non-matching test results from logs

trc_exp_results df_results

Test results from the second group of logs which was not found in the first group of logs

trc_update_rule* rule

Updating rule for this iteration

int rule_id

It needs to be saved for correct “user_attr” attribute setting because rules itself are cleared before saving resulting XML file

bool to_save

Should this iteration be saved?

bool to_save_old

Previous value of to_save

int counter

This counter is used for discovering skipped iterations

int results_id

Results ID (used in wildcards generation)

bool in_wildcard

Whether this iteration in some wildcard already or not

bool filtered

Iteration was found in fake filter log

res_simpl_stat r_simple

Results simplification status

trc_update_args_groups all_wilds

Here all possible wildcards defining the same iteration(s) can be stored

trc_report_argument* args

Iteration arguments

unsigned int args_n

Number of arguments

unsigned int args_max

Count of elements for each space was allocated in arguments array

int* set_nums

Numbers of sets in which this iteration is included

int nums_cnt

Count of sets

int nums_max

Maximum count of sets before reallocation of memory will be required