struct tapi_env


Environment for the test More…

#include <tapi_env.h>

struct tapi_env {
    // fields

    unsigned int n_nets;
    tapi_env_nets nets;
    tapi_env_hosts hosts;
    tapi_env_ifs ifs;
    tapi_env_addrs addrs;
    tapi_env_aliases aliases;
    cfg_nets_t cfg_nets;

Detailed Documentation

Environment for the test


unsigned int n_nets

Total number of networks

tapi_env_nets nets

List of networks

tapi_env_hosts hosts

List of hosts

tapi_env_ifs ifs

List of interfaces

tapi_env_addrs addrs

List of addresses

tapi_env_aliases aliases

List of aliases

cfg_nets_t cfg_nets

Configuration networks