struct log_msg


Structure that keeps log message in an universal format More…

#include <rgt_common.h>

struct log_msg {
    // fields

    struct obstack* obstk;
    unsigned id;
    uint32_t flags;
    char* entity;
    char* user;
    uint32_t timestamp[2];
    te_log_level level;
    const char* level_str;
    char* fmt_str;
    msg_arg* args;
    msg_arg* cur_arg;
    int args_count;
    char* txt_msg;
    int nest_lvl;

Detailed Documentation

Structure that keeps log message in an universal format


struct obstack* obstk

Internal field: Obstack for the message

unsigned id

ID of the log message, which currently defines which test is logged this message

uint32_t flags

Message flags

char* entity

Entity name of the message

char* user

User name of the message

uint32_t timestamp[2]

Timestamp value

te_log_level level

Log level

const char* level_str

Log level in string format

char* fmt_str

Raw format string

msg_arg* args

List of arguments for format string

msg_arg* cur_arg

Internal field: used by get_next_arg function

int args_count

Total number of the arguments

char* txt_msg

Processed fmt_str + args

int nest_lvl

Nesting level