struct rcf_msg


Definition of the RCF internal protocol message format More…

#include <rcf_internal.h>

struct rcf_msg {
    // fields

    rcf_op_t opcode;
    uint32_t seqno;
    int flags;
    int sid;
    te_errno error;
    char ta[RCF_MAX_NAME];
    int handle;
    int num;
    uint32_t timeout;
    int intparm;
    size_t data_len;
    char id[RCF_MAX_ID];
    char file[RCF_MAX_PATH];
    char value[RCF_MAX_VAL];
    char data[0];

Detailed Documentation

Definition of the RCF internal protocol message format


rcf_op_t opcode

Operation code - see above

uint32_t seqno

Sequence number

int flags

Auxiliary flag

int sid

Session identifier

te_errno error

Error code (in the answer)

char ta[RCF_MAX_NAME]

Test Agent name

int handle

CSAP handle or PID

int num

Number of sent/received packets or process priority

uint32_t timeout


int intparm

Integer parameter: variable type; routine arguments passing mode; execute mode; postponed and results flags (tr_* commands); routine return code (RCFOP_EXECUTE); encode data length (RCFOP_RPC); answer error (RCFOP_TRSEND_RECV); poll request ID (RCFOP_TRPOLL, RCFOP_TRPOLL_CANCEL)

size_t data_len

Length of additional data

char id[RCF_MAX_ID]

TA type; variable name; routine name; object identifier; stack identifier; RPC server name

char file[RCF_MAX_PATH]

Local full file name

char value[RCF_MAX_VAL]

Value of the variable or object instance

char data[0]

Start of additional for commands: RCFOP_TALIST (list of names); RCFOP_TAREBOOT (parameters); RCFOP_CSAP_CREATE (parameters); RCFOP_EXECUTE (parameters); RCFOP_RPC (encoded data); RCFOP_GET/PUT (remote file)