struct nginx_inst


Nginx daemon instance More…

#include <conf_nginx.h>

struct nginx_inst {
    // fields

    char* name;
    bool is_running;
    char* pid_path;
    char* config_path;
    char* cmd_prefix;
    bool error_log_enable;
    char* error_log_path;
    char* evt_method;
    bool multi_accept;
    bool accept_mutex;
    unsigned int wrk_ps_num;
    unsigned int wrk_conn_num;
    unsigned int rlimit_nofile;
    char* aff_mask;
    nginx_cpu_aff_mode aff_mode;
    bool to_be_deleted;
    bool is_created;
    unsigned int id;

    // methods


Detailed Documentation

Nginx daemon instance


char* name

Friendly name of nginx instance

bool is_running

Is daemon running

char* pid_path

Path to PID file on TA

char* config_path

Path to configuration file on TA

char* cmd_prefix

Prefix to nginx command line

bool error_log_enable

Enable error logging

char* error_log_path

Path to error log file on TA

char* evt_method

Method of connections processing, e.g. epoll

bool multi_accept

Whether one worker can accept multiple connections at a time

bool accept_mutex

Whether worker processes will accept new connections by turn

unsigned int wrk_ps_num

Number of worker processes

unsigned int wrk_conn_num

Number of worker connections

unsigned int rlimit_nofile

Maximum number of open files for worker processes

char* aff_mask

Worker processes CPU affinity mask

nginx_cpu_aff_mode aff_mode

Worker processes CPU affinity mode

bool to_be_deleted

Flag to delete instance on commit

bool is_created

Flag to track if instance was created

unsigned int id

ID of the created job



Linked list of nginx instances


HTTP servers


HTTP upstream servers groups


SSL settings