struct trc_log_parse_ctx


TRC report TE log parser context. More…

#include <log_parse.h>

struct trc_log_parse_ctx {
    // fields

    te_errno rc;
    trc_log_parse_app_id app_id;
    void* app_ctx;
    uint32_t flags;
    te_trc_db* db;
    unsigned int db_uid;
    const char* log;
    tqh_strings* tags;
    te_trc_db_walker* db_walker;
    char* run_name;
    trc_log_parse_state state;
    trc_test_type type;
    char* str;
    unsigned int skip_depth;
    trc_log_parse_state skip_state;
    trc_log_parse_state log_parent_state;
    trc_report_test_iter_data* iter_data;
    unsigned int stack_size;
    te_bool* stack_info;
    unsigned int stack_pos;

Detailed Documentation

TRC report TE log parser context.


te_errno rc

Status of processing

trc_log_parse_app_id app_id

Application id

uint32_t flags

Processing flags

te_trc_db* db

TRC database handle

unsigned int db_uid

TRC database user ID

const char* log

Name of the file with log

tqh_strings* tags

List of tags

te_trc_db_walker* db_walker

TRC database walker

char* run_name

Name of the tests run the current log belongs to

trc_log_parse_state state

Log parse state

trc_test_type type

Type of the test

char* str

Accumulated string (used when single string is reported by few trc_log_parse_characters() calls because of entities in it)

unsigned int skip_depth

Skip depth

trc_log_parse_state skip_state

State to return

trc_log_parse_state log_parent_state

State to return after parsing logs

trc_report_test_iter_data* iter_data

Current test iteration data

unsigned int stack_size

Size of the stack in elements

te_bool* stack_info


unsigned int stack_pos

Current position in the stack