struct te_rgt_mi_test_end


Description of MI message of type “test_end” More…

#include <mi_msg.h>

struct te_rgt_mi_test_end {
    // fields

    int node_id;
    int parent_id;
    int plan_id;
    const char* error;
    const char* tags_expr;
    te_rgt_mi_test_result obtained;
    te_rgt_mi_test_result* expected;
    size_t expected_num;

Detailed Documentation

Description of MI message of type “test_end”


int node_id

Node ID

int parent_id

Parent ID

int plan_id

Plan ID

const char* error

TRC error message

const char* tags_expr

Matched tag expression

te_rgt_mi_test_result obtained

Obtained result

te_rgt_mi_test_result* expected

Array of expected results

size_t expected_num

Number of expected results