struct te_rgt_mi_meas_param

Detailed Documentation

Description of measured parameter


const char* name

Parameter name

const char* type

Parameter type

const char* descr

Parameter description

te_bool stats_present

TRUE if some of the statistics are set

te_rgt_mi_meas_value min

Minimum value

te_rgt_mi_meas_value max

Maximum value

te_rgt_mi_meas_value mean


te_rgt_mi_meas_value median


te_rgt_mi_meas_value stdev

Standard deviation

te_rgt_mi_meas_value cv

Coefficient of variation

te_rgt_mi_meas_value out_of_range

Number of out of range values

te_rgt_mi_meas_value percentile

N-th percentile

te_rgt_mi_meas_value* values

Array of parameter values

size_t values_num

Number of elements in the array of values

te_bool in_graph

TRUE if this measured parameter is part of some graph view